January 22, 2017   —-   A message from Father Jonathon Kouri:

Jesus Christ is the light of the world, a light no darkness can extinguish ( The Gospel According to John, Chapter 1 ).  As  followers of Christ, we are called to help shine His light in our lives and in our world.  Let us commit ourselves to be light in a dark world, to live out our Christian faith, and to share our light with others.     From Epiphany until the day of Pentecost ( Sunday, June 4, 2017 ), I encourage you to light the world in very specific and practical ways.

Our ” Light the World” Challenge is based on a campaign  by the Mormon Church developed for the 25 days of Advent.  We will instead be using it over the 25 weeks of Epiphany, Lent, and Easter this year.

Please visit the following website for a link to each of the 25 ways we can light the world:


There is a video introducing the campaign and a video for each of the 25 main themes.


Week 1:  Epiphany 3  ( January 22 – 28, 2o17 )

Jesus Lifted Others’ Burdens and So Can You! 

No shoulders have ever borne as much as those of Jesus Christ.  By descending below all things, Jesus  put Himself in a position to lift our burdens.  When we lend our strength to those who are weighed down by life’s challenges, even the heaviest load can be made lighter.

Reference:  December 1 on the Mormon Church website


Week 2:  Epiphany 4 ( January 29 – February 4, 2017 )

Jesus Honoured His Parents and So Can You!

Jesus Christ is the King of kings, but as a child He loved and respected His earthly parents, Mary and Joseph.  As we find ways to honour our parents ( or their memories, if they have passed away ), we can learn from our parents, just as Jesus did.

Reference:  December 2 on  the Mormon Church website


Week 3:  Epiphany 5  ( February 5 – 11, 2017 )

Jesus Helped Others to See and So Can You!

As the Light of the World, Jesus Christ was born so that no one would have to live in darkness.  He miraculously healed the blind, but that’s far from the only way Jesus Christ can open our eyes.  Today, there are many ways we can help others — and ourselves — to see the things that matter most.

Reference:  December 3 on the Mormon Church website


Week 4:  Epiphany 6 ( February 12 – 18, 2017 )

Jesus Worshipped His Father and So Can You!

Everything Jesus did was to glorify His Father in Heaven.  Despite being the Son of God, He always took time for prayer and worship.

Reference:  December 4 on the Mormon Church website


Week 5:  Epiphany 7 ( February 19 – 25, 2017 )

Jesus Healed the Sick and So Can You!

Jesus Christ had unique empathy for the suffering of others.  While many in His day overlooked the sick, Jesus sought them out.  Today, we can provide comfort and love to those struggling with physical and mental illness — just as He did.

Reference:  December 5 on the Mormon Church website


Week 6:  Transfiguration Sunday ( February 26, 2017 )

Jesus Read the Scriptures and So Can You!

Jesus Christ’s mastery of the scriptures began in His childhood.  When we search the word of God, we can also find inspiration, refuge and power.

Reference:  December 6 on the Mormon Church website


Week 7:  Lent 1  ( March 5 – 11, 2017 )

Jesus Fed the Hungry and So Can You!

When a multitude of thousands gathered to hear Jesus speak, He miraculously turned five loaves and two fishes into a meal for all, leaving none hungry.  Today, it is our opportunity to help feed others.

Reference:  December 7 on the Mormon Church website


Week 8:  Lent 2 (  March 12 – 18, 2017 )

Jesus Prayed for Others and So Can You!

Some of Jesus Christ’s most enduring words weren’t directed to His disciples, but rather to His Father in Heaven as Jesus prayed on behalf of others.  As we seek to improve our prayers, we can look to Christ as our ultimate example.

Reference:  December 8 on the Mormon Church website


Week 9:  Lent 3 ( March 19 – 25, 2017 )

Jesus Visited the Lonely and So Can You!

Through His words and actions, Jesus taught that ” the last shall be first. “  With limitless compassion, He reached out to those isolated by poverty, sickness, disability, sin, and grief.  When we strive to ease the loneliness of others, in the Savior’s words, we ” have done it unto [ Him ]. ”

Reference:  December 9 on the Mormon Church website


Week 10:  Lent 4 ( March 26 – April 1. 2017 )

Jesus Helped People to Walk and So Can You!

In His day, Jesus healed those who could not walk and helped them rise physically and spiritually.  Today, we live in a world that offers more ways than ever to assist those living with limited  mobility.

Reference:  December 10 on the Mormon Church website


Week 11:  Lent 5 ( April 2 – 8, 2017 )

Jesus Ministered to Children and So Can You!

Jesus asked His disciples to let the little children be near Him when the others would have turned the young ones away.  Jesus made time to help children and so should we.

Reference:  December 11 on the Mormon Church website


Week 12:  Holy Week ( April 9 – 15, 2017 )

Jesus Taught Others and So Can You!

History’s most powerful lessons weren’t taught in a classroom, but on a hillside, aboard a ship and along the dusty roads of Palestine.  Like Jesus, we can find important teaching moments anywhere — all we have to do is look for them.

Reference:  December 12 on the Mormon Church website

Week 13:  Easter Week  ( April 16 – 22, 2017 )

Jesus Showed Humility and So Can You!

Whether washing the feet of His Apostles or bending under the weight of unimaginable suffering, Jesus Christ showed us that true strength comes from true humility.

Reference:  December 13 on the Mormon Church website


Week 14:  Easter 2 (  April 23 – 29. 2017 )

Jesus Taught Us to Clothe the Naked and You Can Help!

Jesus Christ taught that our possessions are  most valuable when we give them away , especially with His admonition to clothe the naked.  Through the act of giving, our clothing can provide the same warmth provided by the swaddling clothes that encircled the Newborn King.

Reference:  December 14 on the Mormon Church website


Week 15:  Easter 3 (  April 30 – May 6, 2017 )

Jesus Worshiped through Song and So Can You!

Psalm 66 begins with the words   ”  Be joyful in the Lord all you lands;  sing the glory of His name;  sing the glory of His praise. “  One of the many ways in wich we can express our gratefulness to God for all the blessings He has given us is through music and song.

Reference:  December 15 on the Mormon Church website


Week 16:  Easter 4 (  May 7 – 13, 2017 )

Jesus Showed Compassion and So Can You!

The most succinct verse in the Bible tells us simply, ” Jesus wept. ” ( John 11: verse 35 ).  Yet this verse speaks volumes about the compassion Jesus Christ felt for others.  Like Him, we can respond to another person’s  suffering with concern, mercy, support, encouragement and healing.  Listening, praying and kind words or acts of kindness all show compassion to someone who is struggling.

Reference:  December 16 on the Mormon Church website


Week 17:  Easter 5 ( May 14 – 20, 2017 )

Jesus Cared for His Mother and So Can You!

Mary was in Bethlehem to bring Jesus Christ into the world.  As He left the world behind, she was there, as well.  In the midst of His deepest suffering, Jesus looked upon His mother with love and concern.  He commanded the Apostle John to care for her as if she were his own mother.  Today, Christ’s words apply to us, as well:  ” Behold thy mother.  “  Give thanks for all mothers, pray for them, appreciate them and the roles they have had in your life and support them as caregivers.

Reference:  December 17 on the Mormon Church website


Week 18:  Easter 6 ( May 21 – 27, 2017 )

Jesus Honoured the Sabbath and So Can You!

On the Sabbath, Jesus did His Father’s work as Jesus healed the sick and attended to the needs of His disciples.  As we strengthen the quality of our worship on the Lord’s day, we find that Sunday truly is a day or rest, not just for the body but also for the soul.  Attend Sunday service, take quiet time for Bible reading and prayer, put away electronics for a time, spend time with family or friends and give thanks and enjoy the natural world we have been blessed with every day.

Reference:  December 18 on the Mormon Church website


Week 19:  The Ascension of the Lord  & Jerusalem Sunday ( May 28, 2017 )

Jesus Calmed the Storm and So Can You!

Jesus understood that life’s storms can take many shapes.  Some storms rain down from the sky;  other tempests come from within ourselves.  The Master can calm all storms.  When we follow His example, we can be a light in the lives of those going through turbulent times.  We can pray daily for those in need of prayer and then follow up with practical actions.  Visits, calls, cards or practical help for those who are struggling are all examples of helping to calm the storms of life.

Reference:  December 19 on the Mormon Church website


Week 20:  The day of Pentecost  ( June 4, 2017 )

Jesus Saw the Potential in Others and So Can You!

The world saw fishermen;  Jesus Christ saw Apostles.  As we try to see the people around us the way Christ sees them, we can help them understand their potential.  By becoming involved with young people, you can take an active role in those lives.  Discover your own spiritual gifts and use them in service for others.

Reference:  December 20 0n the Mormon Church website


Week 21:  Trinity Sunday ( June 11, 2017 )

Jesus Forgave Others and So Can You!

Jesus Christ showed compassion for those who loved Him — and even for those who didn’t love Him.  On the cross, Jesus asked His Father to forgive those who crucified Him.  We, too, can bring light into the world as we follow His example of forgiving others.  Kindness, prayer and reconciliation with others are all  ways of forgiveness.

Reference:  December 21 on the Mormon Church website


Week 22:  Pentecost 2  ( June 18 – 24, 2017 )

Jesus Showed Gratitude and So Can You!

During the Last Supper, Jesus Christ told the Twelve Apostles that they weren’t just His disciples — they were His friends as well.  Think about how those words must have made them feel, and remember that we, too, have the power to encourage and raise  someone’s spirits as we show gratitude.  Remember to pause and give thanks to God for the many blessings He has provided.

Reference:  December 22 on the Mormon Church website


Week 23:  Pentecost 3 ( June 25 – July 1, 2017 )

Jesus Was a Peacemaker and You Can Be One, Too!

During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ taught that peacemakers are called the children of God.  We can earn that blessed title when we reach out to others in the spirit of forgiveness, reconciliation, and resolution.   Work at being at peace internally  and resolve to work on whatever might be  troubling you or preventing you from enjoying God’s peace in your life.  Reach out to others as a peacemaker.

Reference:  December 23 on the Mormon Church website


Week 24:  Pentecost 4 ( July 2 – 8, 2017 )

Jesus Cared for His Loved Ones and So Can You!

Some of the most touching moments of Jesus Christ’s ministry involved His family and  close friends.  We can honour Jesus Christ by following His loving example of serving those who matter most in our lives.  Visit, phone, write or think of other ways to let those you care about know how special they are, often, in many ways.

Reference:  December 24 on the Mormon Church website


Week 25:  Pentecost 5 ( July 9 – 16, 2017 )

Jesus’ Disciples Followed Him and So Can  We!

When the Saviour was born, a new light appeared in the heavens.  He is the Light of the World — not just on Christmas Day, but every day.  Follow Him, and never walk in darkness again.  Resolve to make  Jesus Christ the top priority in your life and remember that being a Christian is not a part-time endeavour!

Reference:  December 25 on the Mormon Church website

Make the ” Light the World ” challenge  a year-round, permanent part of your life as a Christian.  The ideas and suggestions can be done by anyone at any time of the year.