First Sunday in Advent — December 3, 2017

Reading:  Mark 13:  27 – 37

Reflection:  As we begin a new church year, Jesus reminds us that we are the ones whom God has left in charge;  we are the stewards, and we are told to stay alert, carrying out the tasks entrusted to us.


Second Sunday in Advent — December 10, 2017

Reading:  Mark 1:  1 – 8

Reflection:  John called on the people to undergo a ” change of heart “.  A faithful steward is one who has undergone such a change.


Third Sunday in Advent– December 17. 2017

Reading:  John 1:  6 – 8 and 19 – 28

Reflection:  John’s ministry and mission was to point to ” one more powerful “.  How do we, as good stewards, allow our lives to point to the same One?


Christmas Eve — December 24, 2017

Reading:  Luke 2:  1 – 20

Reflection:  God gives us the gift of God’s very self.  What more can one give to show one’s love, to show one’s generosity?  How do we show our love and generosity, as creatures made in God’s likeness?


Christmas 1 — December 31, 2017

Reading:  Luke 2:  22 – 40

Reflection:  Anna and Simeon find themselves unexpectedly rewarded and blessed for their years of faithful obedience to God.  God’s blessings come to us in many unexpected ways!