Baptism of the Lord — January 7, 2018

Reading:  Mark 1: 4 – 11

Reflection:  ” I fully approve of you, ” are the words Jesus hears when He is baptized.  Do you think that  faithful followers can expect to hear similar words at some point in their journey?


Second Sunday  after Epiphany — January 14, 2018

Reading:  John 1:  43 – 51

Reflection:  ” Come and see, ” says Philip to Nathanael.  As those who have experienced Jesus’ influence in our lives. how do we ” take care ” by sharing and spreading the word of our experience(s)?


Third Sunday after Epiphany — January 21, 2018

Reading:  Mark 1:  14 – 20

Reflections:  Do you hear Jesus calling you?  Where does He want you to be?  What does He want you to do?  As one who wants to be a faithful follower, how do you respond?